60 - 90 mins
Whether you have had foot reflexology or are experiencing it for the first time, this treatment will restore all body systems and balance the mind, body & spirit.  With advanced techniques to balance hormones & detoxing the body. Balancing your energy with reiki and marma points  and release old trauma.

Virtual Reflexology - On-Line


45 - 60 mins

With Reiki energy, and my plastic foot I tune into your energies and work remotely.. I use the same techniques as if you were in person.  The use of crystals are also used to aid different areas.

Facial Reflexology

Face reflex.jpg

Face Reflexology offers a different experience than Feet reflexology -   by working in close proximity to the brain and all sense organs, the reflex signal moves faster around the nervous system meaning the results are much faster and often immediate.  The use of personalised oil and various worldwide techniques, this is often described as life changing.

NEW for 2020 

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