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Reflexology Therapy


Diane the Original Rebel Reflexologist, is an advanced reflexologist who uses her wealth of experiences in holistic therapy to create a bespoke healing path.

After a life changing experience, Diane looked to reflexology to help change her life path.

Working with Diane will offer truly a truly holistic approach to your body, identifying past stumbles and pitfalls of life, exploring energizing pathways that fill you with sparkling lemonade!

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With a powerful combination of Ayurveda, reflexology and Reiki, Diane is able to bring the therapy which will best support the client’s holistic health.

What works for one person will never be the same for yourself.  That why Diane's treatments are only for you.

Diane’s therapeutic programme will guide clients with autoimmune disorders back to healthier, more fulfilled lives.

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I have developed my unique programme over twenty years as a holistic therapist in the UK and worldwide. My programme offers a truly bespoke approach to every individual’s needs.

It's all about you ..personally, we may have the same organs and systems but how they work is unique to you. 

Holistic health is available to all and having the correct tools you can take control of your health

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